Iamjoeo, or more commonly known as Joe O'Neill is a Kansas City based graphic designer with over 10 years of experience working in both the print and digital worlds. I design logos, brand companies, build websites, shoot videos, design apps and much more. I'm available for freelance and always up for new challenges, where I can collaborate with people and companies to accomplish their goals. I can be reached at Joe @ iamjoeo.com or use the form below. Thank you for looking at my work.

Clients & Companies
Current and previous clients Include: The Coca Cola Company, NBA, Dairy Queen, Kansas City Royals, Rizzoli Publishing, Yale University, Fordham University, NYU, Missouri State University, Park University, HNTB, Rally House, iCicular, The American Royal, The Kansas City Ballet, Olathe Health, Prairie Band Casino, 7th Street Casino, Osceola Group, Boy Scouts of America, Kansas Department of Transportation, KCVA Medical Center, SMG and many more.

I've had the opportunity to work both full time and freelance for a variety of talented companies which include: Intouch Solutions, Walz Tetrick Advertising, Mucca Design, The Wonderfactory, Barkley, Reit Design, and many more.
about iamjoeo

Client Testimonials

"Joe is the incredible creative force behind ALL our design work. It’s all the remarkable result of Joe’s passion, vision and hard work ethic. I literally get goosebumps every time I send another project to him knowing just how stunning the results will be. And there are tons of other projects I’ll be trusting him to."

Levi H.

Client, The Strother Room
"After 25 years of the same branding we needed a new look. We had a short timeline, tight budget and a specific vision in mind. Joe delivered on time, on budget and with a beautiful design hand. He waved a magic wand and greatly improved our business."

Tom Wayne

Client, Prospero's Bookstore


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